GRP Fibreglass Roof Repairs & Flat Roof Repairs

Daily our south London and Surrey based offices are contacted with home, and commercial owners concerned that their existing or newly installed grp fibreglass roofing system is leaking or failing. After talking to our specialist fibreglass roof repair team, we discovered that the roofing system had been ill-fitted by builders or roofers without the proper knowledge of the grp roofing systems. The customer now has no guarantee to uphold it.

Catch fibreglass issues quickly.

Most grp roofing problems can be easily repaired uncostly and fuss-free if caught early enough. However, if unattended, these issues can affect the roofing structure, become unrepairable, and cause expensive damage.

Can GRP roofs be repaired?

We hope your new roofing never needs repairing, but the simple answer is yes, it can! Suppose the previous grp installers properly prepared and top coat the entire fibreglass resin. In that case, you shouldn’t need the installer to revisit for the expected lifespan of the fibreglass roof. Still, damage can and does happen, and you can undoubtedly fix grp fibreglass roofs.

Common fibreglass roof problems

Even though fibreglass roofing is generally highly stable, the material may deteriorate over time or crack. The result is that holes appear in the sheet, which can be fixed by catching them. An adequately built fibreglass roof will last for decades. Below are some common problems encountered when a homeowner has a failed fibreglass roof.

what to look for on your grp fibreglass flat roof

fibreglass flat Roofing problems

failed laminate
budget materials used
wind damage
failed laminate
water ingress

fibreglass resin matting installed wrongly
Cold living area due to missing Insulation
general wear
roof leak

Grp surface cracking and flaking
lead Flashing systems failing
Incorrect drip edge trims
Poorly insulated and installed
Pooling and ponding of rain water
layer Blistering and flaking of topcoat

Professional GRP Roof Repair and Replacements services and how we can help

Grp roofs can be highly durable and advantageous, though by no means infallible. Even the most advanced grp roofs need to be repaired or replaced entirely. When the time comes, Asgards fibreglass roofing specialists can be counted on to provide the reliable grp roof repair service you require at a price you can afford.

Our grp repair services include:

  • Replace lead flashing
  • Grp roofing overhauls
  • Insurance backed guarantee on all new grp roofs
  • Grp Roof guttering installation
  • install Insulation
  • solve and repair Leaks
  • Full replacement grp roofs
  • Warm and cold deck grp roof construction
  • Patch grp repair to existing grp roof
  • Complete reports on the condition of your fibreglass roof
  • Periodic checks and maintain work
  • Skylight flat roof instalment

Asgard Roofing is the leading specialist team in grp roofing, repair and replacement for London and Surrey. We are on hand to cover all that your grp roof requires.

So, However urgent your requirements are, we’re standing by to take your call. Contact the Asgard Roofing team today to discuss your fibreglass roof repairs and grp installation.

grp fibreglass roofing repair specialists

When it comes to the maintenance and repair of your flat roof, you want to trust the best in the business, and that’s precisely what you’ll get with London’s GRP fibreglass flat roofing and repair specialists.

Our friendly team of expert roofing contractors are skilled in all aspects of flat roof services, from installation to replacement to solving pesky leaks. A crucial part of our process is ensuring that layers are applied correctly for maximum durability and longevity.

Our top priority is to provide professional, reliable grp roofing services to our clients, delivering repairs that we guarantee will stand the test of time. Don’t trust just anyone when it comes to your flat roof. Trust the excellent work of our flat roofing company to keep your roof in top shape for years to come.

How do you fix a crack in a fibreglass flat roof?

If you’re wondering how to fix a crack in a fibreglass flat roof, look no further! This is how you can fix a cracked roof:

1. Use a rough-gritting sand to create a key.

2. Slice up the length of a cutting mat.

3. Combine resin and catalyst.

4. Apply the mixture to the surface.

5. Allow it to cure.

6. Once the surface has cured, give it a light scrub to remove any glass fibres stuck on it.

7. apply top coating

Now that you know how to fix a cracked fibreglass flat roof, you can confidently take on the task, knowing you have the knowledge to do it right!

Why choose asgard roofing for your grp fibreglass roof repair and replacements

Asgard Roofing specialises in all types of fibreglass flat roof repairs and total replacements for South London and Surrey. Proudly working within the communities across the region for more than 20 years, we know how to get the best out of the market’s most durable and versatile grp materials.

All work given insurance backed guarantees
fibreglass roofing Repairs are covered by guarantees
Lots of customer reviews and testimonials
Complying with building standards
A Fully experienced in house grp roofers
Quick and hassle-free solutions for grp flat roofs
Using only the latest technology grp materials
Keeping the repair area of your home tidy and safe during all projects

However complex or urgent your requirements may be, you can count on Asgard Roofing to provide an unbeatable quote. Backed by hundreds of satisfied customer reviews, we go the extra mile to outperform comparable GRP fibreglass roofing specialists in South London and Surrey.

For more information or to arrange an initial inspection to see what your roofing work requires, contact a team member at Asgard Roofing today.

For more information on new grp flat roofs, please find our page dedicated to this on our new roof services page.


looking for more information.

Does Your Flat Roof Need Repair, or Are You Building a Flat Roof Extension?

Asgard Roofing can help design and build new flat roofs or update your existing flat roofing system to any required specifications. We provide GRP roofing systems in various colours and styles, including GRP fibreglass roofing and non-slip walkways, perfect for walkways and balconies. We can create walkways using a gritted foot coat added over the top of the UV protection coating (i.e. the topcoat).

My GRP flat roof installation has failed. Can you help?

This is a common question for us, as around 20-30% of our annual GRP fibreglass installations are corrects and repairs. Fibreglass systems are the leading flat roof covering but can quickly start to fail when not installed correctly.

It requires workmanship and professional knowledge, which is why so many inexperienced builders and roofers using fibreglass for the first time can get it wrong. If you think you might have a failed grp flat roof or have concerns over its condition, please call our fibreglass repair and roofing specialist for friendly advice and inspections.

Can a GRP Fibreglass Roof be repaired?

As a professional in the flat roofing industry, a GRP fibreglass flat roof can be repaired, unlike some other systems. GRP fibreglass roofs are known for their weather-resistant properties and durability. Still, over time, they may require a touch-up.

Thankfully, a relatively straightforward fix involves applying a coat of resin, laminate and fibreglass to the affected area. It’s essential to note that the repair’s quality may affect the roof’s overall guarantee.

Therefore, I recommend getting a professional quotation to ensure your roof receives the best repair possible with minimal impact on its warranty.


My GRP Flat Roof is Leaking?

Have a flat roof that’s leaking? Our flat roofing company can carry out repairs quickly and efficiently using our GRP fibreglass roof repair kits. Our expert flat roofers repair damaged or leaking felt flat roofs or can assist with the replacement of old felt roofs with a new roof Fibreglass flat roofing system.

Can you GRP over GRP?

When faced with ponding problems on your roof, acting fast and calling a qualified roofer is essential. Adding another layer of GRP coating to the affected area may seem like a quick fix. Still, it will only result in a thin, weak, easily broken layer. To tackle this problem effectively, it’s vital to apply all layers of the GRP system again or even consider starting from scratch if the pooling is severe.

Can you repair cracks GRP flat roofs?

The good news is that fibreglass crack repair sealants can be effective for sealing cracks. The sealant can be pressed into the crack to create a smooth and seamless appearance. So don’t wait; take care of your GRP sooner rather than later!


What you expect to pay for

  • Experienced & vetted tradespeople
  • 24 hour availability for all trades
  • Dedicated technical support team
  • Aspect Guarantee on workmanship
  • Peace of mind from trade accreditation
  • Parts and materials used
  • Transport & ULEZ Fees

What you won’t pay for

  • Cost of parking
  • Fuel or travel time
  • Congestion Charges

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By choosing Asgard Roofing, you will be working with fully insured roofers with over 20 years’ experience and a superb track record that reflects our core values:

Customer commitment

With quick response times and hassle-free communications, we aim to put the trust back into the roofing trade by building trusting relationships with all our customers.

Honesty and fair pricing

Providing a personal service with a commitment to integrity never using salesman techniques, just providing solutions on the work that needs doing at a competitive price that is hard to beat.

Workmanship done with pride

You never need to worry about compromising quality with us. Using only the best in materials and manufacturers and install by us like we were working on our own homes.

Asgard Roofing are fully affiliated and proud members of Checkatrade, click here to view our full profile and our 10/10 reviews.


Roof Contractor You Can Count On

Asgard Roofing is a family run business, with three generations of roofers working within its ranks. Being Morden based we have been working proudly and successfully within the communities of South London, & Surrey for many decades.

We are proud to be fully affiliated with CORC confederation of roofing contractors this allows us to provide insurance backed guarantees of on our work. We are also proud members of Checkatrade, this is a great place to see our genuine customer reviews.

We take pride in our comprehensively creative and flexible approach to the services we provide. From simple periodic maintenance to urgent repairs and complete roof replacements, we’ll do what it takes to exceed your expectations at a price you can afford.

Asgard Roofing - A Roof Contractor You Can Count On

Asgard are Established and Reputable

Backed by more than two decades of knowledge and experience, Asgard Roofing is an established and reputable local roofer for London and Surrey. 

We are South London’s New Roof & Roof Repair Specialists

We specialise in all types of roofing repairs, component replacements, planned maintenance and new roof installations for homes and commercial properties alike.


roofing services for south london and surrey

Asgard Roofing work with both residential, commercial and industrial customers in areas such as Morden, Wandsworth, Epsom, Tooting, Croydon, Dorking, Chessington and Clapham, to name a few.

We cover all aspects of roofing and all our work is carried out by our in-house tradesman that always work within the BSI standards.








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